Example of variable syntax object as an item type

In this example, the group type Header has variable delimiter values of: , * + ~

  1. Create an item type with the Item Subclass of Syntax and the name Delimiter. (The name can be any valid type name, but naming this item Delimiter is useful).
  2. To define the item restrictions, double-click the Delimiter type. The item view is displayed.
  3. Define the restrictions in the Include column.
  4. In the Properties window, select Syntax for the Item Subclass property.
  5. Open the properties for the delimited group type Header.
  6. For the Syntax property, choose Delimited.
  7. For the Delimiter property, choose Variable.
  8. Expand the Delimiter property.
  9. Define the Delimiter > Default literal value.
  10. For the variable Delimiter Item property, choose the item type Delimiter from the drop-down list.
  11. Indicate that the variable delimiter should be determined for each occurrence of the object by selecting Yes for the Delimiter > Find property.