Delimiter > find

When syntax objects are Variable, the Find property must be defined. The Find property determines whether the value of syntax object is set on each occurrence or whether the current setting (or default value) is used.

When the Initiator, Terminator, Release, or Delimiter property value is Variable, select one of the following from the drop-down list in the Value column:

Determine the value of the syntax object each time an occurrence of that type is found. After the value of that syntax object is found, that particular value is used until it is reset by another Find or by the occurrence of that syntax item as a component.

INPUT: The value of the object in the input data is determined by the location in the data stream and the restrictions of the syntax item.

OUTPUT: The default value is used for building the syntax object in the output data.

The variable syntax object is defined as the current value or, if it is not set, as the default value.

INPUT: If the syntax object is not encountered in the data stream, the value of the syntax object is the default value.

OUTPUT: If the value of the syntax item has not been previously set, the default value is used.