Custom date format

After choosing Custom from the date format drop-down list, click browse. The Date Format dialog box is displayed.

You can only use non-alphanumeric characters (excluding the {, } and [, ] non-alphanumeric characters) as separators in the custom Date Format dialog box.

The following table provides examples of date formats.

Date Format Description Example
CCYY 4-digit Century + Year 1999
YY 2-digit Year (00-99) 99
MM 2-digit Month (01-12) 12
M 1- or 2-digit Month (1-12) 8
MON 3-character Month (Jan to Dec) JAN
MONTH Full name of Month January
DDD 3-digit Day of year (001-366) 32
DD 2-digit Day of Month (01-31) 31
D 1- or 2-digit Day of Month (1-31) 7
DY 3-character Day of Week (Sun-Sat) Fri
DAY Full Name of Day of Week (Sunday-Saturday) Friday
WW 1- or 2-digit Week of Year 13
Qn Quarter of Year (Q1-Q4) Q2
Custom User defined custom date format  

After you define and save a custom format, the custom format string is displayed in the Properties window. For example, the custom date format CCYYMMDD, and the custom time format HH24MMSS display as: