Component of an implicit group

Its range is fixed and its type is bound.
The component Inventory Record (3:3) is bound, if the type Inventory Record is bound according to any of the conditions listed under "Bound Types" .
It has a component rule that binds it.
The component PO Record (s) is bound, if it has the following component rule which binds it:

PO# Field:PO Record = PO# Field:PO Record[LAST]

The schema analysis checks only that the component has a rule that refers to the component itself. The analysis does not check that the rule binds the component. You must ensure that the rule is one that binds the component.

It is sized (using the Sized attribute) by the component that precedes it.
The component Name Field (0:2) is bound, if the previous component in the group has the Sized attribute.