Indefinite number

When there is no maximum number of occurrences of a component (the maximum is indefinite) use the letter s to stand for "Some - you do not know how many". Therefore, a file that contains at least one record and has no maximum number of records has this component:


If the range minimum is zero, omit the 0 and only enter s. If a file has a minimum of zero records and no maximum number of records, it would have this as its component:


Remember that when you see (s), the minimum of zero is implied. Therefore,

Record(0:s) is the same as Record(s)

If you enter any number alone in the parentheses, the range changes to a minimum of 0 and a maximum of that number. For example, if you enter (5) for a range and save and close the group view, the next time you open it, you see the range displays: