tRFC options

About this task

Depending on your configuration, you may find it useful to specify automatic retries for outbound data. tRFC options (retry options) dictate the SAP R/3 behavior during communication errors or failures. If you are experiencing frequent communication time outs or connection errors (visible in SM58 tRFC Monitoring), implement these retry options.

Note: Setting tRFC options is a one-time step. You can maintain tRFC Options by clicking the tRFC button in the RFC Destination window.

Set tRFC Options to specify automatic retries for outbound data. Also, SAP R/3 has a collective error-processing feature that can be enabled, which does error handling through a scheduled job that runs in the background.

To set the tRFC Options:


  1. Enter transaction /nsm59 in the command field.

    The Display and maintain RFC destinations window opens.

  2. Expand TCP/IP connections and double-click the applicable TCP/IP connection. (For this example, double-click DATASTGTX1.)

    The RFC Destination window appears.

  3. From the Destination menu, choose tRFC Options.

    The Transactional RFC: System Setting for Connection Error dialog box opens.

  4. In the Suppress background job if conn.error field, enter the value X and click Continue.

    The RFC Destination window reappears.

  5. From the Destination menu, choose Save.