Using the SAP:DXOB Importer

About this task

After you have produced a DXOB report describing the format of the desired DXOB(s) and you have transferred that file to your Design Studio PC, you are ready to run Connections and Actions. The SAP:DXOB (Initial Data Transfer [DX]) Importer for SAP R/3 is a facility for automatically generating schemas that describe the format of Data Transfer Objects (DXOBs) used in your SAP R/3 system.

An example of the DXOB report is in the examples\packs\sap_r3\r3\ERP\DXOB directories included in the Pack for SAP Applications installation. This DXOB report file contains the definitions for the Human Resources data transfer object. You can use this file as metadata input to run the SAP:DXOB Importer.

To run the SAP:DXOB Importer:


  1. In the Design Server, select Import from the Tree menu.
  2. Choose SAP:DXOB as the structure for which you want to generate a schemas. Click Next.
  3. Continue clicking Next until the File Name field appears in the window. In the File Name field, enter the metadata file you want to import (in this example, it is DXOB0050.dx) to generate a schema.