Using Connections and Actions for IDocs

About this task

After you have produced an RSEIDOC3 report from SAP R/3 that describes the format of the IDoc or IDocs and you have moved that file to your local PC, you are ready to run Connections and Actions. See . Running Commands and Actions

An IDoc report file produced in SAP R/3 is used to test how Connections and Actions creates a type tree for an IDoc structure.

To run the SAP:IDoc Importer:


  1. In the Design Server, select Import from the Tree menu.
  2. After Connections and Actions starts, select SAP:IDOC as the structure for which you want to generate a type tree. Click Next.
  3. Click Next until the File Name field appears in the window. In the File Name field, enter the file you want to import, specify the RSEIDOC3 report for which you want to generate a type tree, and select either ALE or EDI to specify the interface for which you want to generate the type tree.