Setting up an RFC destination

About this task

The RFC destination may be created to define the physical communication to the remote destination. The following steps refer to the design of the SAP R/3 Enterprise application.

To set up a RFC destination:


  1. Enter transaction /nsm59 in the command field.

    The Display and maintain RFC destinations window opens.

  2. Right-click on TCP/IP connections and click Create.

    The RFC Destination window opens.

  3. Enter the options as defined in the table. The RFC Destination window propagates with your information.
    Table 1. Details for the RFC Destination window
    Field Enter
    RFC destination Enter the name for the RFC destination. Use the same name as the Logical System.
    Connection type Enter T (TCP/IP) for the Connection type.
    Description Enter a meaningful description in the Description field.
  4. Click the Special Options tab. The Trace feature is located under the Special Options tab. You can enable Trace for testing purposes. However, do not enable Trace in a production environment.
  5. Click the Technical Settings tab. Enter the following information:
    Table 2. Technical Settings tab
    Field Enter
    Activation type Enable Registered Server Program.
    Program ID Enter the Program ID. This is the program ID that is specified when using the Program ID (-A) adapter command for any R/3 source (outbound).
  6. Click the Logon/Security tab. Activate or Inactivate the Security Option. Click the Save button.