Running Commands and Actions

About this task

When SAP metadata input contains one of the supported structures describing the data for which you want to create an interface, you are ready to run the Importer Wizard.

To run the Importer Wizard:


  1. Start the Design Studio.
  2. Select File > Import. The Importer Wizard opens.
  3. Expand the folder.
  4. Select the SAP interface (IDOC, DXOB, BAPI) for which you want to generate a schema and click Next.
  5. The next dialog box opens, prompting you for information about the SAP system that originated the metadata file you are importing. Enter the appropriate information and click Next.

    The language dialog box opens.

  6. Specify the national language and data character set that describe the data for map execution then click Next.
  7. The next dialog boxes that appears depends on the interface for which you are generating a schema. The Wizard presents the applicable dialog boxes for you to specify interface-specific information. For example, when generating a schema for BAPI, the SAP Connection Settings dialog box appears to enable you to specify adapter connect parameters. See each interface-specific chapter for this particular information.
  8. After entering the interface-specific information presented by the Wizard, a dialog box opens requesting the full path and file name of the metadata for which you are generating a schema.

    Specify the metadata object for which you want to generate a schema and provide any additional information that is required by the Importer Wizard for your specific interface. For example, when generating schema from an IDoc, you must designate whether the IDoc file represents data that is for an ALE or EDI interface. See each interface-specific section for additional information.

  9. Enter the name of the schema to be generated and any additional information required by the Wizard for your specific interface, and click Next. See the interface-specific chapter for additional information.
  10. The next Importer Wizard dialog box opens showing the status of the schema being created.

    You can scroll through the schema. The Importer Wizard dialog box also shows the number of errors and warnings that have occurred when generating the schema.