Processing the Batch Input Session (SM35)

About this task

The data created by the map has been transferred from the PC to the application layer. Also, a batch input session has been created for the .txt file now residing on the application server. Now you can access the Batch Input Session and process the data in the .txt file.

To process the Batch Input Sessions:


  1. Enter transaction code SM35 to access the batch input sessions.
  2. In the Session list, select the session you want to process.
  3. In the Session menu, select Process session.

    The Process Session dialog box opens.

  4. Select one of the options for the Run mode:
    • Process/foreground: Runs the session in the foreground, displaying every screen and field. If you change a screen in this option, the process halts.
    • Display errors only: Runs the session in the foreground, displaying only errors.
    • Background: Runs the session in the background.
  5. Select Additional functions as desired. (In this example, TESTDXOB will be processed in Display errors only run mode with Dynpro standard size.)
  6. Click Process.
    Note: A session can be terminated at any time by selecting System > Services > Batch Input > Delete Transaction.
  7. Click Yes to save the data for the customer master data.

    The batch input session is processed and the Information dialog box opens with the process status.

  8. Click Exit.

    The processing is complete. (In this example, one batch input session for each customer master data has been created.)

  9. Highlight the BDC session you just processed and click Log to access the results.

    The Batch Input: Log Overview window opens.

  10. Select the log and click Display to view the results.

    The Batch Input Log for Session session_name window opens.