Inbound ALE to SAP

About this task

The R/3 adapter can retrieve input from many different non-R/3 systems (including files, databases, MCM, web, or ERP applications) as defined by the maps executing on either the Launcher or the Command Server.

To retrieve input from a non-SAP R/3 system into an SAP R/3 system:


  1. As the transformation server continues to execute the map(s) as defined, output is produced and passed to the R/3 adapter.
  2. The R/3 adapter connects to the R/3 system using the provided connection information and user ID. SAP R/3 confirms the authorizations of the user.
  3. If a connection failure occurs, the adapter returns a failure code to the transformation server.
  4. The R/3 adapter makes the RFC calls to load the output data into the Internal Table used by the RFC libraries.
  5. If automatic field generation or automatic EDI to ALE conversion is enabled, the adapter produces these conversions as data is loaded into the Internal Table.
  6. If OnFailure setting is set to Rollback, the R/3 adapter waits for final acknowledgement from the transformation server that all output resources are ready to commit. Use of this option requires the adapter to use memory equal to two times the IDoc data size.
  7. Data is passed (committed) to the SAP R/3 system by packet. One packet at a time is assigned a unique TID number and processed by SAP R/3. If a communication failure occurs at this time, only packets that are not committed are in the rollback file.
  8. If communication failure occurs at this point, the R/3 adapter returns a failure code to the transformation server.