IDoc selection and metadata download (WE63)

About this task

The IDoc type indicates the SAP format that is to be used to interpret the data of a business transaction.

To select a Basic IDoc:


  1. Enter /nwe63 in the command field and click Enter.

    The Documentation window opens.

  2. Enable Basic type and select from the drop-down list the IDoc type. (For this example, choose DEBMAS03.)
  3. Click Parser to execute.

    The Documentation for Basic type window opens.

  4. In the System menu, choose List Save > Local File.

    The Save list in file dialog box opens.

  5. Select unconverted as the format and click Enter.

    The Save As dialog box opens.

  6. Specify the full path in which to save the file, then click Save to transmit the list and save the file.