Data Transfer Workbench (SXDA)

About this task

To generate DXOB metadata:


  1. Enter /nsxda in the command field and click Enter.

    The Data Transfer Workbench window opens.

  2. From the Goto menu, select DX Tools.

    The Data Transfer - Tools window opens.

  3. In the Object Type field, select the DXOB from the drop-down list for which you want to generate a report. (For example, use DX object KNA1 for Customer.)
  4. In the Program type field, select a program type from the drop-down list. (For example, BINP.)
  5. In the Program field, select a method from the drop-down list. (For example, RFBIDE00.)
  6. In the Extras menu, select Display Import Structure.

    The Documentation Dataset Record Types for Initial Data Transfer (Parser) window opens. This example shows the interface structure for Customer master data required of the DX object 0050.

  7. In the List menu, select Download to transfer this structure to a path that exists on the PC on which the Design Studio is installed.

    The Save list in file dialog opens.

  8. Select unconverted and click Enter.

    The Save As dialog opens.

  9. Specify the full path for the file that you are downloading and click Save. (In this example, the file is DXOB0050.dx.)

    The file transfer is complete.