Creating an input card and configuring outbound processing

About this task

Use Connections and Actions to specify JALE for the Source setting.

When the R/3 adapter is specified as the input card source, it performs the RFCs required to ensure successful communication of server IDoc outbound data from the R/3 system. The data is retrieved and passed through memory buffers into the executing map for transformation into the destination target format.

Note: The R/3 system configuration must have already been completed.

To obtain an IDoc (DEBMAS) from the SAP system and pass it to the map


  1. Enter /nbd12 in the command field and click Enter.

    The Send Customers window opens.

  2. Enter Customer information in the appropriate field, then click Execute.
  3. An Information window opens indicating that the master data sent was read from the database and formatted into an IDoc format. This IDoc is called a master IDoc. The master IDoc is stored in a memory buffer until the communication IDoc is generated.

    Click Enter.

  4. An Information message opens indicating that the ALE service layer generated a separate IDoc from the master IDoc for each recipient who is interested in the data. These recipient-specific IDocs are called communication IDocs and are stored in the database. The recipients are determined from the Distribution Model.
    Click Enter.

To obtain the information on the status and the data of the IDoc


  1. Enter /nwe02 in the command field and click Enter.

    The IDoc Lists window opens.

  2. Execute by clicking Enter.
  3. The SAP window opens, displaying status information about the data passed to the port.

    Select an IDoc by double-clicking it.

  4. In this window, you can view the Customer Master Data sent by the SAP system.

    To read the Status Records, click the individual status message.


If the partner profile is configured for Dispatch immediate, a map immediately executes for each transmitted IDoc. For example, if five IDocs are generated, five maps will execute. However, if the partner profile is configured for Collect IDocs, it is necessary to dispatch the IDocs. Do this by using transaction BD88 or by scheduling the job RSEOUT00. Maps will execute after this job completes. The number of map instances depends on the number of IDocs collected in a packet as defined in the partner profile. If the defined number of IDocs per packet is 20 and five IDocs are generated, one map will execute.