Collective error processing

About this task

SAP R/3 handles RFC errors by starting a background process that restarts the RFC until it is processed successfully. If the connection with the receiving system is broken, this process can run indefinitely. This scheme can result in a large number of background processes running in the sending system that will degrade overall performance. To minimize these effects in a production environment, use collective error processing. With collective error processing, the failed RFC will not be resubmitted immediately. Instead, a periodically scheduled background job will collect failed RFCs and restart them as a packet. This technique is applicable for SAP R/3 and TCP/IP connections.

Setting collective error processing for RSARFCEX


Periodically schedule program RSARFCEX to process failed transmissions.

Setting collective error processing using SM58


  1. After the above settings are in place, you can manually select transaction SM58.
  2. Select the appropriate criteria and click Execute.
  3. Select a failed function module and select Execute LUW from the Edit menu.