2. Creating RFC destination for outbound data (SM59)

About this task

The RFC destination is used during the Communication Layer of ALE processing. When Receiver Determination identifies a tRFC communication, the RFC destination defines the physical communication to the remote destination. RFC destinations are used only for communications outbound from SAP R/3.

To create RFC destination for outbound data:

  • Set up a RFC destination.
  • Set gateway options to reflect the values used when installing the stand-alone gateway.
  • Optionally, set tRFC options to set the specifications for connection retries in the event of communication timeouts or connection errors. This is done by specifying the number of retry attempts, as well as the interval between two consecutive attempts. Alternatively, you can suppress the background job for connection retries. SAP R/3 has a collective error-processing feature that you can enable to do error handling through a scheduled job that runs in the background.