Transaction ID (-TID)

Use the Transaction ID (-TID) adapter command for ALE sources or targets. When used for a target, specify the Transaction ID (TID) for which a previously failed transmission is being resubmitted. When resubmitting a transaction, this adapter command is required so that SAP R/3 can recover properly from the previous failed attempt and avoid duplicate IDoc processing in the R/3 system.
-TID trans_ID
Transaction ID of the previously failed transmission that is being resubmitted.
Transaction ID is a Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) that is calculated by the SAP R/3 system. It is a unique value that does not contain values to mask. The following is an example of a transaction ID:

Use this adapter command for a source to enable Matching Source Names to Target Names using the SAP R/3 TID number as the source wildcard value. This is useful when using the Launcher for map execution. If a source has a wildcard, any target that contains an asterisk is assigned the source wildcard value. For example, you might use -TID * on the source, and a file target of \myData\IDoc.* to name the destination files.

Note: For additional information, refer to the Launcher information in the online documentation.