Trace (-T)

Use the Trace (-T) adapter command to enable the R/3 adapter trace file. By default, is located in the same directory as the map, where adapter is the adapter type such as JALE or JBAPI. Optionally, you can specify to record detail information about all adapter activity or only errors. Also, you can append the trace information to an existing file or specify a name or the full path for the file.

-T[V|E|N][+] [full_path]

The N suffix disables creation of the RFC trace files.

If N is not set (as -T), both, the adapter and the RFC trace file are created.

If it is set (as -TN), only the adapter trace file will be created, while the RFC trace file will not.

Designates verbose. Detailed trace information is recorded.
Produces a trace file that contains only the errors that occurred during the map execution. If there are no errors, the trace file will not be created. When the -TE command is used with SAP and the map fails, the resulting trace file has an extension of .mtr unless a specific file name is designated.
Disables creation of the RFC trace files.
Append trace information to an existing file.
Creates a trace file with the specified name in the specified directory. (By default, the directory is where the map is located and the file name is