Listen (-LSN)

The Listen (-LSN) adapter command can be used for ALE sources. Use this adapter command to specify how long (in seconds) to wait for a message. If duration is omitted, then listen indefinitely. In addition, duration can optionally be specified as count:interval. For the Launcher only, when the Listen command is not specified, the ALE adapter will assume the Listen option values are set to 15:5. To implement registration method with a Command Server, the 0 option is required.
-LSN {0|dur[:int]}
Table 1. Listen (-LSN) adapter command
Option Description
dur Specifies how long in seconds to listen for data. If the LSN command is omitted, the values default to 15:5. To listen for an indefinite period, specify 0 as the duration. Required value for registration method with a Command Server.
To fine-tune the listener, because the listener does not respond to service control requests while listening, specify an interval for the duration in seconds. A colon is used to separate the duration from the interval.
-LSN 0
-LSN 30:10