IDoc Type (-TY)

The IDoc Type (-TY) adapter command can be used for ALE sources and to designate the document types that can be received.

Note: When using this adapter command to designate document types, there is a potential for misconfiguration if SAP R/3 sends an IDoc type for which there is no map. If no handler exists for the IDoc, the R/3 adapter raises an RFC exception, causing the offending transaction to be held in the tRFC queue (SM58).
When using the Integration Flow Designer, a map component of a ITX system that is executed using the Launcher can use the special document-type OTHER$ to catch the IDocs that do not match the types designated by another map component contained in the same system definition file (.msl). In this scenario, if IDocs other than the type specified in a map component are received, rather than causing an RFC exception, a second map component with -TY OTHER$ defined is automatically triggered and handles the unmatched IDocs as specified.
-TY OTHER$|doc_type*
When using the Launcher, use this option in a map component to handle all of the types not matched by any other trigger. When unmatched IDocs are detected, they become triggers for the OTHER$ type instead of causing an RFC exception.
You specify the document type that can be received. If SAP R/3 sends an IDoc that does not match what is specified, the adapter will raise an RFC exception. Document types are case-sensitive.