Host ID (-H)

Specify the host name or SAP route string of the SAP R/3 server to which to connect using the Host ID (-H) adapter command. This adapter command may be required for connection. Use SAPLogon or the SAPGUI parameter.

-H host_name
R/3 server host name or R/3 server SAP route string.
The SAP router serves as a proxy in a secure network connection between SAP R/3 systems and external RFC systems. It is a useful extension to an existing firewall system because it allows connections through the firewall. When a SAP router is in use, a valid route string is used as the host name value. For example:
-H /H/saprouter1/S/3300/H/saprouter2/S/3300/H/SAPappServer/S/SAPservice

For more information about the SAP router, refer to SAP Online Library BC- Basis Components > BC-SAP Router.