ExecutionSummary per map

The ExecutionSummary provides information at the map level.

The execution log provides high-level debugging information, including the following:
Map return code and message
The map return code and message indicate how the mapping operation completed and whether there were any problems. For example, a map return code of 0 and message of Map completed successfully indicate that no execution errors were encountered. This information helps in analyzing the source information in this log.
SourceReport and TargetReport
For each source or target, the ExecutionSummary includes information indicating the adapter, the size of the data for the source or target, the adapter return code and message, and so on.
For each input or output for which a WorkArea is created, the ExecutionSummary includes information such as the location and size.

The Execution log is a good place to start when diagnosing map execution problems because you can quickly determine the sources or targets that are in error. Then, using the information in the log, you can produce more detailed troubleshooting information for only those sources or targets that experienced problems.