R/3 adapter aliases

You can specify the adapter commands using an execution command string on the command line or you can create a command file that contains adapter commands that dictate the desired execution settings.

Use the execution commands -IM and -OM with the appropriate adapter alias that is specific for the utility adapter as follows:

Adapter Alias As input As output
JALE JALE -IMJALEcard_num -OMJALEcard_num

When using an adapter alias in conjunction with the execution command, the adapter commands can be issued on the command line or in a command file. You can use the adapter commands to specify adapter functions such as specifying a particular message identifier, allowing output data to be broken up into multiple messages, or to retrieve a logical message from a source queue with a correlation identifier.

For example, to override the adapter commands defined in output card 1, the command string for the R/3 adapter might be
dstx testclnt -AE -WD -R0 -B -OMALE1 '-c 800 -u userid -p password -h sp2 -s 00 -t -ar3'

For example, an existing data source that is a file can be overridden and specified to be the R/3 adapter using the Input Source Override (-IM) execution command and the JALE alias. Alternatively, you can override an existing target with a different target using the Output Source Override (-OM) execution command with the correct R/3 adapter alias. For information about the options that you can use within these commands, see Execution Commands in the online documentation.