Overview of IDocs

Several hundred IDocs are shipped with each SAP R/3 system version 3.0. ALE and EDI interfaces use functionally equivalent IDocs; however, they differ in the manner in which the IDocs are communicated to or from SAP R/3.

These interfaces (ALE and EDI) that use the IDoc structure represent SAP's strategic approach to interfacing SAP R/3 with legacy and third-party applications where loose coupling is appropriate. Therefore, the SAP R/3 IDoc approach should be considered the first choice for developing interfaces where asynchronous, near-real time, or batch links are required. This pack supports SAP-supplied IDocs as well as user-defined IDocs.

One or more IDocs are held in a container called a packet. A packet is the largest data container in an IDoc schema. The restart attribute is automatically added to reject invalid IDocs contained within a packet.

Note: When using Connections and Actions to create a schema in the structure of your IDocs, you have the option of selecting whether you want to include restrictions. You select with a flag that lets your map know at runtime to create restriction lists.