Overview of Data Transfer Objects

DXOB (Data Transfer Object) reports are produced from SAP-supplied DXOBs or modified SAP-supplied DXOBs.

Connections and Actions works with either of these DXOB types.

Note: SAP supplied DXOBs may change from one SAP R/3 version to another. When you upgrade SAP R/3 versions, use Connections and Actions to regenerate your schemas accordingly.

The DXOB definition that serves as metadata input to Connections and Actions must be in the format produced by running the DXOB report from your SAP R/3 system. When you run the DXOB program, you may save the report to a file with the extension .dx, which is the default for Connections and Actions.

After you have produced the appropriate DXOB report(s) from SAP R/3, transfer the report file to the PC on which the Design Server is installed.

Note: The metadata file produced by the DXOB report will contain definitions for a single DXOB.

To process DXOB interfaces, follow the steps in these topics:

  1. Generating DXOB metadata (SXDA)
  2. Using the SAP:DXOB Importer to generate the schema
  3. Creating a map for DXOB formatted data
  4. Transferring the mapped data to the application layer
  5. Processing the Batch Input Session (SM35)