Pack for SAP applications overview

The Pack for SAP applications is a unique data transformation technology for interfacing SAP R/3 software applications with third-party applications and legacy systems. Connectivity to the SAP R/3 environment is provided for both inbound and outbound data, and is supported on the major SAP platforms.

Pack for SAP Applications makes use of SAP's synchronous and asynchronous (transactional) Remote Function Calls (RFCs). This approach ensures effective and secure communication between external systems and SAP R/3. Detailed knowledge of RFCs is not required to create interfaces for SAP R/3 that are reliable, efficient, and easy to maintain. Some knowledge of Remote Communication Basis is helpful but not required.

In addition, the pack can be used with several file-based interfaces, such as SAP DXOB/DMI and EDI subsystems.

The Pack for SAP Applications is used for: