Inbound parameters

From the Partner profiles: Inbound parameters window, you can add or change the a partner profile information as required.

To change inbound parameters for the Partner Profile, choose the appropriate Message type and the corresponding Process code, which is linked to the Function Module.

Run report RBDAPP01 to process the background IDoc.

Schedule report RBDAPP01

Processing of the background IDoc is done by report RBDAPP01.

Avoid single IDoc transmissions because significant overhead is involved (such as program loading, connection, and logon).

Inbound processing time is affected at the receiving end when IDoc packages are initially separated into separate IDocs and individual inbound IDocs are stored in the database. The application transmission control defined in the corresponding partner agreement determines if the IDoc should be processed immediately or scheduled for processing by program RBDAPP01. SAP recommends using RBDAPP01 to improve performance if immediate processing is not required.

The information provided is minimal and may not address all of your communication requirements such as information about global company code maintenance, change pointer activation, maintaining number ranges, and so on. Refer to the SAP Online Library for additional information.

Also, the default parameter values in the instance profile are not sufficient for high-volume ALE interfaces. Consult with your SAP Applications installation team and OSS notes for recommended changes to these values.