Generating the IDoc parser report

The SAP:IDoc Importer is a facility for automatically generating schemas that describe the format of IDocs used in your SAP R/3 system. Connections and Actions uses the definition of an IDoc contained in an IDoc parser report (RSEIDOC3) to automatically generate schemas from IDocs for use in mapping external data to SAP R/3 data. See Running Commands and Actions for additional information.

After you have identified the IDoc type you want to use, use transaction WE63 or the program RSEIDOC3 to generate the IDoc parser report. RSEIDOC3 reports can be produced from a SAP R/3 system for SAP-supplied IDocs, modified SAP-supplied IDocs, or customized IDocs. Connections and Actions works with any of these IDocs. It also works with IDocs produced from any version of a SAP R/3 system.

The IDoc definition that is input to Connections and Actions must be in the format produced by running the RSEIDOC3 report from your R/3 system. When you run the RSEIDOC3 program, you may want to save the report to a file with the extension .ido because that is the default for IDocs when using Connections and Actions.

Note: The definition file produced by the RSEIDOC3 report can contain definitions for one or more IDocs. If the definition file contains more than one IDoc, all of the valid IDoc definitions are created in a single schema.
Note: You must also enable the Control record (in RSEIDOC3) and Data record check boxes.

After you have produced the appropriate RSEIDOC3 report(s) from SAP R/3, download it to your PC on which Connections and Actions is installed using the Download File option. Be sure to select Unconverted.

Note: SAP supplied IDocs may change from one SAP R/3 version to another. When you update from one version to another or when you have reduced or modified a SAP-provided IDoc, use Connections and Actions to regenerate your schema.