Object names in component rules

In a component rule, data object names always refer to components in the same component list. In a component rule, a data object name ends with a component name. For example, if LineItem is in a component list, the object name for the Qty Info component of LineItem is Qty Info:LineItem.

In the preceding Qty Info:LineItem example, the colon would be interpreted as "is a component of". If the example was Qty Info LineItem, the space between Info and LineItem would be interpreted as "is a subtype of".

The general definition of a component rule object name can be divided into the two parts described in the following table. If one of these parts is used, it must be sequenced according to the order in the table.

Parts of an Object Name Required
Set of one or more component-paths

, infix separated with either a colon or the reserved word, IN

At least one is required
The reserved word, COMPONENT No

IN and COMPONENT are reserved words. Reserved words are not case sensitive.