Local type name

An object name can be a local type name. A local type name is specified as one or more simple type names separated by spaces, such as:

City Field

Local type names are typically used to refer to a component. If used in a component rule, for example, the component referenced in a rule is specified as a local type name. In a map rule, local type names refer to components contained in a card object.

Local type names can also be used to refer to the partitioned type of a component. When a type is partitioned, you can refer to all of its partitions by simply referring to the partitioned type.

For this example, the type Record is partitioned into Header, Detail, and Trailer. The object name that references Header, Detail, and Trailer Record is: Record

Here is another example: the type Transcript has Header Record, Detail Record, and Trailer Record as components contained within it. The object name that references all Header, Detail, and Trailer Records within Transcript would be Record IN Transcript.