Managing account settings

You might want to change your password or other settings for your account.

About this task

As an account owner, you can view your account settings, which include your user name, email, and first and last name. You can also change all of these settings except the user name. Changing your password is also possible by using the Account page.

Note: Account settings cannot be changed if HCL OneTest™ Server was configured to use an LDAP/AD provider. For more information about configuring the server to use an LDAP/AD provider, see Administering security.


  1. Click the User icon Image of the User icon. from the menu bar, and select Account Settings.

    The Account page is displayed.

Editing account details

  1. Edit your user details and save the changes.

Changing a password

  1. Click Change Password, type the new password, and save the changes.