Managing access to HCL OneTest Server from the desktop clients

Desktop clients use offline user tokens to connect to HCL OneTest™ Server.

You can configure the desktop clients to access HCL OneTest Server by using the offline user tokens created from the server.

Offline user tokens are used in the following cases:
  • To retrieve secrets configured on the server to be used in certain tests in HCL OneTest API
  • To enable publishing of test results and reports from desktop clients to HCL OneTest Server
  • To enable the Resource Monitoring Service in HCL OneTest Performance to monitor a data source during a run on HCL OneTest Server

About this task

From HCL OneTest Server, you can create an offline user token, copy it, and then use that token in each of the desktop clients.

You can also delete all the tokens, when you no longer need access or you want to prevent access to the server.


Creating a token

  1. Click the User icon User icon from the menu bar and select Create Token.

    The Create Offline User Token dialog box is displayed.

    Note: This token is not accessible after you copy it as the dialog box closes.
  2. Copy the token and paste it into a private location for ongoing reference.

    The dialog box closes.

  3. Paste the token into the desktop client UI where this token is required.
    See the following table for a list of where you can use the tokens and where you can find more information.
    Table 1. Using the offline user tokens to access HCL OneTest Server
    Use the offline user token in the following desktop clients More information
    HCL OneTest API See HCL OneTest API and HCL OneTest Server.
    HCL OneTest Performance See Publishing test results to the server.

    See Enabling Resource Monitoring from a Service.

    HCL OneTest UI See Publishing test results to the server.

Deleting tokens

  1. Click the User icon User icon from the menu bar and select Delete Tokens.

    The Delete All Offline User Tokens dialog box is displayed.

  2. Delete the tokens.
  3. Inform the desktop client users that the tokens were deleted. Fix any test automation scripts that used tokens.