Release notes for HCL OneTest Server V10.0.1

Read about new features, system requirements, installation, known problems, and support for HCL OneTest™ Server.


HCL OneTest Server is a server component that includes capabilities such as project and role-based security, Docker-based distribution and installation, and running of test cases. For more information about the server, see Overview.

What's new in HCL OneTest Server V10.0.1

  • Test runs
    • On the new Advanced Settings window, you can specify advanced arguments such as Java Virtual Machine, Program, and Environment Variables, which can be used by the test at run time. See Running tests.
    • The options that you configure while initiating a test run are preserved and you do not have to reconfigure them when you run the same test again. See Running tests.
    • You can now cancel a test that is running or scheduled to run from the Progress page. See Canceling a test run.
  • Test run status

    The Overview page now shows the number of test suites and individual tests by type, the proportion of test suites that were run by status and date, and the number of new and modified test assets by type. The Project on the Home page now shows the number of test suites and individual tests. See An overview of test assets, modifications, and scheduled runs.

  • Installation
  • Technical Preview: HCL OneTest Data

    This preview enables users to fabricate sample data to perform tests. As a technical preview, this is subject to change in future releases based on the user feedback on the capability. HCL OneTest Data should not be considered ‘Production’ at this point and does not implement any licensing to the broadest possible range of user feedback during this preview stage. For more information, see Using the data generator.

System requirements

For system requirements, see the download document

Installing HCL OneTest Server

For instructions about installing the software, see Installing the software on Windows or Installing the software on Linux.

Known problems

Table 1. Download documents and technotes
Product Download document Knowledge Base
HCL OneTest Server HCL support

The knowledge base is continually updated as problems are discovered and resolved. By searching the knowledge base, you can quickly find workarounds or solutions to problems.

Contacting HCL support

HCL support provides you with technical assistance.

Before you contact HCL support, gather the background information that you will need to describe your problem. When describing a problem to an HCL support specialist, be as specific as possible and include all relevant background information so that the specialist can help you solve the problem efficiently. To save time, know the answers to these questions:
  • What software versions were you running when the problem occurred? For more information see, Accessing the software version information.
  • Do you have logs, traces, or messages that are related to the problem?
  • Can you reproduce the problem? If so, what steps do you take to reproduce it?
  • Is there a workaround for the problem? If so, be prepared to describe the workaround.