Installation Methods

You can install the software using the stand-alone installer either in the GUI mode or in the silent mode. You can select the installation method that works best for your environment.

You can use the GUI mode to install the software from electronic images or downloaded packages. Alternatively, you can use the silent mode to install the software on multiple systems as a non-interactive method. You have to generate the properties file first to install the software in the silent mode.

Select your preferred method of installation from the following options:

Installing the software by using the stand-alone installer in GUI mode

You can use the GUI mode in the stand-alone installer program to install software from electronic images or downloaded packages.

Before you begin

You must have completed the following tasks:

  • Completed the tasks given in the Prerequisites section. See Prerequisites for installing the software.
  • Deleted the file generated from the previous installation if you are installing a newer version of the product.


  1. Download the HCL OneTest Server software package from the portal
  2. Extract the downloaded software package.
  3. Run the executable file. To run the executable file, perform the following tasks on:
    • Windows: Right-click the .exe file and click Run as Administrator.
    • Linux: Log in as a root user and enter the following commands:
      • chmod 755 <filepath/filename.bin>
        Note: Run the chmod 755 command only when you do not have the execute permission to run the installer.
      • cd <filepath>
      • ./HCL-OneTest-Server-LINUX-X64.bin
    The GUI window is launched.
  4. On the Introduction page, read through the details and click Next.
  5. On the License Agreement page, review the licensing information and select the I accept check box. Click Next.
  6. On the Server Name page, enter the host name. For example, <host name>.<domain name>.com.
  7. On the License Server page, enter the license server details such as license server ID and server URL. .
  8. On the Destination Folder page, browse and select a folder where you want to install the server. Alternatively, you can install the server in the default location:
    • Windows: C:\Program Files\HCL
    • Linux: /opt/HCL/OneTest-Server
  9. On the Restore User Data page, select Yes if you want to restore the backed-up user data, select the snapshot file. Otherwise, select No to skip restore and continue with the installation.
    Note: By default, the backed-up user data is available at the following location on
    • Windows: C:\ProgramData\HCL\Snapshot

      If you do not find the ProgramData folder while you browse to select the back up file, you have to first include the hidden files in the directory.

    • Linux: /root/onetest_backup/
  10. On the Pre-Installation Summary page, read the details about the installation. Check the disk space on your system. If your system does not have the required space for installing the server, make enough space and then click Install. On the Starting Server page, the URL for accessing the server is displayed.
  11. Click Next to complete the installation.

    On successful installation, the server starts automatically. The URL of the server is displayed on the Starting Server page. You can use this URL to access the server. Alternatively, you can obtain the URL details of the server from the file located at <install-dir>/Logs. You can obtain the URL of the server on the following operating systems:

    Windows: Open startup_log.txt file.

    Linux: Open startup.txt file.

    After you have installed the software, a message is displayed about the installation status.

  12. To check for errors that occurred during installation, access the log file available at <install-dir>/Logs.

Installing the software by using the stand-alone installer in silent mode

You can install the software automatically without manual intervention in the silent mode installation method. This method is helpful when you want to deploy the software in a large network.

Before you begin

You must have completed the following tasks:

About this task

When you provide the command for silent mode installation, you have to pass the properties file that contains inputs and parameters required to complete the installation process.


To install the software in the silent mode, perform the following steps:

  1. Run the command prompt as an administrator.
    Note: To install the software on Linux, log in as a root user.
  2. Change to the directory where you have downloaded the zip file. Enter the following command to change the directory on:
    • Windows:
      cd Downloads\<directory path>
      For example, cd Downloads\
    • Linux:
      cd Downloads/<directory path>
      For example, cd Downloads/
  3. Unzip the downloaded file. To unzip the downloaded file, perform the following:
    • On Windows: Extract the zip file
    • On Linux: Enter the command
      unzip <zip file name>
      For example, unzip
    Note: On Linux, after you unzip the downloaded file, you must change the mode before installing the software. To change the mode, enter the following command:
    chmod 755 HCL-OneTest-Server-LINUX-X64.bin
  4. Enter the following command to install the software on:
    • Windows: HCL-OneTest-Server-WIN-X64.exe -i silent -f <path of properties file\properties file name>
    • Linux: ./HCL-OneTest-Server-LINUX-X64.bin -i silent -f <path of properties file/properties file name>


On successful installation of HCL OneTest Server, a URL to access the server is displayed.

What to do next

You can start HCL OneTest Server UI by using the browser. See Administering security.